Unbelievably low insurance for your phone

A fair pay as you go model? With transparency and impossibly low premiums? Unheard of!

Why Libravos?

Libravos has key features which make insuring products a viable investment

For Social Good

Build a supportive community that works together to reduce insurance costs.

Save Money

The option to pay only for what you need means big savings!

Understand Your Risk Profile

No longer will you be kept in the dark as to the origins of your risk profile.

Seemlessly Managing Your Account

Manage all your insurance and claims right from your phone.

The Libravos Process


Pick and choose from a list of products with insurance support


Download the app and document the details of your item


Join a decentralized network of users who all benefit from low cost insurance


File for a claim with our simple process


Get compensated for your damages almost immediately